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Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Story Behind His Quitting from Accounting Profession and Involved in Culinary.

 The ‘un-natural’ corporate world of finance really was not suitable and could not was not satisfying the inner chef. Like a butterfly that inevitably and naturally emerges from its cocoon, Redzuawan Ismail finally broke through his own ‘cocoon’ of the corporate world and emerged as a vibrant, colourful, creative, raw and natural talent that grew to be known affectionately as “Chef Wan”. Passionate, professional and as exotic of his beloved Malaysia, his unique culinary skills were unlocked.

That is an early stage to become a food ambassador of Malaysia. As cooking his interest, so he made a decision to attend a school of cooking, to ensure that he had much knowledge about cooking. He involved in many activities especially in cooking.  He had learned many things in his life and become a creativity, innovation and professional chef until he becomes a Food Ambassador of Malaysia.

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