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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Award and Achievement

Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or known as Chef Wan had received many awards and achievement. In recent years at World Gourmand food and Media Awards in Beijing 2007, Chef Wan was awarded Lifetime Jury Award “at the Le Mazille Prix”. In the same years, he had received many awards such as Prominent Modern Malay Chef Award by UiTM, Pulau Pinang, Honourary Fellowship Award from Thames Valley University of London School of Hospitality and also he had been chosen as one of eight most outstanding Malaysian of the year in celebration of Malaysia 50th Independent Day by NTV7. When he got all these awards, he was responding to receiving of the award as:

 “a complete surprise, this is such a prestigious award. Was I dreaming? There are so many other chefs like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and many more that equally deserve receiving this. I am very grateful and honoured to have received such an award and to have been internationally recognized”.

In 2009, he had received an AMP Award from King of Majapahit, Keraton Palace, Suraharta Hadiningrat, Jawa, Indonesia. In addition, also in 2009 he had been awarded as The Best Celebrity Chef in the world Award’ in World Gourmand Cookbook & Media Awards in Paris. More recently in 2010 Chef Wan was bestowed with the ‘Friends of Thailand Award’ from Royal kingdom of Thailand. He also got an appointment as the Food Ambassador of Malaysia by the Minister of Tourism of Malaysia on behalf of the government of Malaysia. In year 2012, he had achieved The Life Time Achievement which are South East Asia Cuisine" under the Hospitality and Dining Awards 2011/2012 category.

                      “Friends of Thailand Award”

The awards and recognition goes on  as he is the Best Editor's Choice Award for his best-selling cook book ‘The Best of Chef Wan Taste of Malaysia’, The Malaysia Book of Record, recipient for one of "Icon of Malaysia" Award.

Last but not least, the award was still for him as a Tourism Ministry's Special Awards for promoting Malaysia abroad. He plays a role as a MAS Travel Icon Ambassador where they are explore the world to spread the spirit of cooking and wanted to learn a new thing especially in cooking as he will get an experience in different countries.

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  1. he deserved what he had achieve until me, he is the best chef in Malaysia and through out the world..