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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Television show and Book Awards

       "I believe that food is one way to make people happy. I also believe that food can unite people from all walks of life and cultures. When we sit together and eat, we promote better understanding and harmony. Food brings love, peace and compassion to the table," said Chef Wan.

Chef Wan is actively in his career. In order to spread a variety of food, he involves in Television shows, film or theatre film and also he had received a book award.

Chef Wan’s shows: 
*      Best Wan – A Chinese New Year Special
*      Best Wan – Christmas Special
*      Best Wan!
*      E&O Search For AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef
*      One Night: A Malaysian Wedding – Chef Wan

Published cookbooks by Chef Wan: 
*      Flavours of Malaysia, Selera Antarabangsa (MAS Golden Boutique 1996)
*      Chef Wanís Sweet Treats (Times Edition 2000)
*      Simply Sedap! Chef Wanís Favorite Recipes (Times Edition 2000)
*      Simply Sedap 2 Chef Wan Shares More Favorite Recipes (Times Edition 2006)
*      The Art of Entertaining
*      Flavours of Asian
*      Sajian Raya Bersama Chef Wan
*      Langkah Demi Langkah Bersama Chef Wan

His Book Awards: 
*      Salon International Du Livre Gourmand 2000 - Gold Medal for presentation of 'The Royal Dining Etiquette of the Palace of Perak' in 'The Century' in Malaysia.
*      Salon International Du Livre Gourmand 2000 - Prix La Mazille Special Prize for career as 'Food Ambassador of Malaysia'.

*      Salon International du Livre Gourmand 2003 - Best Malay Chef Book in Malaysia, 'Mengelilingi Dunia Bersama Chef Wan'.

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The Story Behind His Quitting from Accounting Profession and Involved in Culinary.

 The ‘un-natural’ corporate world of finance really was not suitable and could not was not satisfying the inner chef. Like a butterfly that inevitably and naturally emerges from its cocoon, Redzuawan Ismail finally broke through his own ‘cocoon’ of the corporate world and emerged as a vibrant, colourful, creative, raw and natural talent that grew to be known affectionately as “Chef Wan”. Passionate, professional and as exotic of his beloved Malaysia, his unique culinary skills were unlocked.

That is an early stage to become a food ambassador of Malaysia. As cooking his interest, so he made a decision to attend a school of cooking, to ensure that he had much knowledge about cooking. He involved in many activities especially in cooking.  He had learned many things in his life and become a creativity, innovation and professional chef until he becomes a Food Ambassador of Malaysia.

Award and Achievement

Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or known as Chef Wan had received many awards and achievement. In recent years at World Gourmand food and Media Awards in Beijing 2007, Chef Wan was awarded Lifetime Jury Award “at the Le Mazille Prix”. In the same years, he had received many awards such as Prominent Modern Malay Chef Award by UiTM, Pulau Pinang, Honourary Fellowship Award from Thames Valley University of London School of Hospitality and also he had been chosen as one of eight most outstanding Malaysian of the year in celebration of Malaysia 50th Independent Day by NTV7. When he got all these awards, he was responding to receiving of the award as:

 “a complete surprise, this is such a prestigious award. Was I dreaming? There are so many other chefs like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and many more that equally deserve receiving this. I am very grateful and honoured to have received such an award and to have been internationally recognized”.

In 2009, he had received an AMP Award from King of Majapahit, Keraton Palace, Suraharta Hadiningrat, Jawa, Indonesia. In addition, also in 2009 he had been awarded as The Best Celebrity Chef in the world Award’ in World Gourmand Cookbook & Media Awards in Paris. More recently in 2010 Chef Wan was bestowed with the ‘Friends of Thailand Award’ from Royal kingdom of Thailand. He also got an appointment as the Food Ambassador of Malaysia by the Minister of Tourism of Malaysia on behalf of the government of Malaysia. In year 2012, he had achieved The Life Time Achievement which are South East Asia Cuisine" under the Hospitality and Dining Awards 2011/2012 category.

                      “Friends of Thailand Award”

The awards and recognition goes on  as he is the Best Editor's Choice Award for his best-selling cook book ‘The Best of Chef Wan Taste of Malaysia’, The Malaysia Book of Record, recipient for one of "Icon of Malaysia" Award.

Last but not least, the award was still for him as a Tourism Ministry's Special Awards for promoting Malaysia abroad. He plays a role as a MAS Travel Icon Ambassador where they are explore the world to spread the spirit of cooking and wanted to learn a new thing especially in cooking as he will get an experience in different countries.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chef Wan's Credential

          As the cooking is the main major and interest for Chef Wan, so he took a degree in Professional Chef Training and Hotel Management. He learns non stop about cooking as it has become his interest to continue learn about it. He had travel for a many journey to find an experience of cooking with different place.

Day after day, he become expert to create something new on food itself once he had learn in many place before this. Being the professional, the young Chef Wan made the decision to further hone and gain more knowledge by attending cookery schools and academies outside of Malaysia.
    Without a doubt, before he continued his degree, he holds a Diploma from the Ritz Hotel, Paris, France where he had successfully trained at the California Culinary Academy and the Ritz Hotel’s Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise.

What can make his family and Malaysian proud with him are when he had received many invitations to cook and perform came abound and soon he was cooking for the famous elite all over the world including the likes of the Sultan of Brunei and the former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. He had introduced his exquisite and unique Malaysian foods to everyone in outside the country. 

Nevertheless, not many people know the fact that the Singapore-born cook was a qualified accountant but due to his deep interest in cooking, he quit his accounting profession, learned cooking and now he had already become a professional chef.

Who is Chef Wan?

   Most of people around the world do know about Chef Wan as he is the food ambassador of Malaysia. Everyone knows him as Chef Wan and his real name is Redzuawan Bin Ismail. Chef Wan was been conferred as a Datuk by Acting Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, in celebration of the Federal Territory Day in 1st February 2009. In 1958, he was born in Singapore.

He is the eldest son in the family from seven children.  He had become an inspired to other chef out there as he got many awards in his life. Besides that, cooking and his life cannot be separate off. It had become a part of his life since he was in young age. Accountant, professional chef, food ambassador of Malaysia, resident chef to the Asian Food Channel, food critic and Malaysian Magazine Writer, cookbook author, actor and entrepreneur had become a career of Chef Wan. Nevertheless, he had made a decision to focus more on cooking career as his interest is more on cooking.

Since he was small, cooking is one of his major interests. And naturally coming from a big family like that, they are always surrounded with food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he as the eldest, he said:

“I’m supposed to try to help mum prepare breakfast for my younger brothers and all. And naturally I try to be a bit more creative; a bit more fun. And in later years I started gardening because I love gardening and was surrounded by vegetables and all that and all that and I say ah what I do with all this stuff in my garden? Cooking!”
     In a young age, he does help his mother a lot in cooking and gardening. Involved in activity like that does encourage him to be more creative and good thinking on the food designing. Thus, when he helps his mother in the kitchen, he tried to demonstrate the food into a new design and taste with the ingredient that already have in the kitchen. Instead of that, he learned cooking from his mother and during that time, his father was in the air force.
     Hence, when his father comes back, it does surprise his father because his eldest son interest in cooking. But day by day, his parents do support with his interest and now he had become the Food Ambassador of Malaysia. Indeed, his parents feel proud with him.


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