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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Television show and Book Awards

       "I believe that food is one way to make people happy. I also believe that food can unite people from all walks of life and cultures. When we sit together and eat, we promote better understanding and harmony. Food brings love, peace and compassion to the table," said Chef Wan.

Chef Wan is actively in his career. In order to spread a variety of food, he involves in Television shows, film or theatre film and also he had received a book award.

Chef Wan’s shows: 
*      Best Wan – A Chinese New Year Special
*      Best Wan – Christmas Special
*      Best Wan!
*      E&O Search For AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef
*      One Night: A Malaysian Wedding – Chef Wan

Published cookbooks by Chef Wan: 
*      Flavours of Malaysia, Selera Antarabangsa (MAS Golden Boutique 1996)
*      Chef Wanís Sweet Treats (Times Edition 2000)
*      Simply Sedap! Chef Wanís Favorite Recipes (Times Edition 2000)
*      Simply Sedap 2 Chef Wan Shares More Favorite Recipes (Times Edition 2006)
*      The Art of Entertaining
*      Flavours of Asian
*      Sajian Raya Bersama Chef Wan
*      Langkah Demi Langkah Bersama Chef Wan

His Book Awards: 
*      Salon International Du Livre Gourmand 2000 - Gold Medal for presentation of 'The Royal Dining Etiquette of the Palace of Perak' in 'The Century' in Malaysia.
*      Salon International Du Livre Gourmand 2000 - Prix La Mazille Special Prize for career as 'Food Ambassador of Malaysia'.

*      Salon International du Livre Gourmand 2003 - Best Malay Chef Book in Malaysia, 'Mengelilingi Dunia Bersama Chef Wan'.

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